Parties and Event Hosting

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Our event room has plenty of space for gatherings up to 20 people! 

Our room rents for $50 an hour and can be reserved for as long as you might need it! Any crafts you wish to do at your party will be an additional charge the day of your event. 

Cake, snacks and party decorations are always welcome!! 

How your party might look the day of your private event:
         - We encourage you to come set up 15 minutes before your event so you can be prepared for your guests to arrive. 
        - Once your guests arrive and you are ready to begin, we encourage you to start with cake + presents first. It is easiest to do cake/food before we start painting and making a mess on the tables. This also helps with timeline because each crafter will work at their own pace. so those who take their time can stay longer and those who are quick crafters are welcome to excuse themselves whenever they are ready. 
        - When you are ready to begin crafting, A staff member will be available to help you get started. Guests may choose from hundreds of in studio crafting options including pottery, candle making, splash painting, wood signs, and more! We will explain how to glaze your pottery or complete your craft your guests choose. We get you started and then let you get to work! 
                  * Our staff members are there to assist with crafts when you need it. We do not host your party or serve your cake. 
        - Once everyone is finished with their crafting and eating, go ahead and leave the mess for us to clean up! Feel free to take home what you want to keep, but leave the rest for us! We enjoy making your special day as stress free as possible! 



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