Pottery Class - August 30th

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Come prepared to get a little messy! We are making slap pottery Lidded Jars!  

Our art teacher, Bryton, will be guiding us through step by step how to make this cute lidded jar with a slab of pottery! Beginner friendly, ages 12 and up are welcome to attend. 

So meet us at Bryton + Co on August 30th from 5:30-7 pm. 

Bryton + Co DIY Studio
307 N Oak Ave
Mineral Wells TX 


*Pottery will need at least 2 weeks to be dried and fired. After it's been through the kiln, we will text you that it is ready to be glazed. You may come glaze any time we are open and use the glazes we have on the floor. You will again need to leave your piece of pottery with us for another week and a half while we fire it in our kiln a second time. Plan on a month passing before you have a finished, glazed Heirloom piece of pottery to take home. Hand made pieces take time and patients! But its worth it!!

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