Free Form Pottery - 2 night course

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Create your own custom piece of clay art with the guidance of our instructor during this two week course on free form pottery. No pottery wheel needed when you are sculpting and moulding a custom hand made piece of pottery. 

You will be instructed on some beginner skills before being given full creative freedom to create a masterpiece with your own 5 lb block of clay in week one! 

Between your first and second class, our staff will fire your piece of pottery in our kiln and have it ready for glazing during week 2 - where you will learn tips and tricks for glazing your art. Bring it to life with your own combination of color and style! 

Classes are available on two different dates and for ages 5 and up! 

Our kids class is best suited for ages 5-14

Our adults class is best suited for aged 15 and up

Two course dates to choose from

June 16 + June 23
Kids - 5-6:30
Adult - 7-8:30


July 14 + July 21
Kids - 5-6:30
Adult - 7-8:30

Price includes all supplies needed and two nights of instruction. 

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